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How many messenger programs are you using? Do you find that the computer network in your school, college or university forbids you from uploading instant messaging programs that would allow you to chat to friends and contacts? If so, eBuddy is the solution for you.

We are all familiar with instant messaging services such as Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo. These we all know are worth installing on the PC as they allow us endless hours of chat with everyone in our contact list. Undoubtedly, problems arise when you are on another computer and unable to install your normal messaging program. For this, eBuddy is absolutely indispensable.

eBuddy is an online platform which provides access to the following IM services: MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Facebook, Gtalk, MySpace and AIM; none of them requiring you to install any programs.

eBuddy makes it possible to conduct problem-free chat without having to be a registered user. Although like a registered user, you have the full use of the range of icons and emoticons to include in the text as you and your friends exchange messages by means of any one of the messaging services.

So when you are not at home but need to talk with someone in your MSN, Yahoo or similar contact list, be sure to keep eBuddy in mind.
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